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Alan M.
If I could give 10 stars I would. Had a chest operation and have to get a number of drainage massages done afterwards. I found the treatment really help with my fluid build up and the massage itself was very relaxing and comfortable. I will definitely recommend Sylvia and use her in the future. Great knowledge and conversation. Thank you
Nabeelah M.
I had my first lymphatic drainage massage today. All I can say is Sylvia is amazing . I have slight lymphodema in my arm had a DIEP flap surgery done two years ago. My stomach had been feeling swollen and tight this whole time , but after my first session with Sylvia , I already can feel a huge difference in my stomach - the tightness has decreased tremendously and the swelling has also gone down a lot . I can’t wait for my next session !
Schmidt, M.
Sylvia was amazing! She was my first lymphatic massage, 2 weeks after surgery. I could not believe how much fluid I lost by the next morning. I didn’t know what to expect but after experiencing the results, I highly recommend her massage as part of post surgery recovery.
Tout, S.
Sylvia is great! She had an extensive knowledge base around the lymphatic massage after surgery and I have been in great hands under her care. Her approach doesn’t stop with the massage. She cares about you and gives you advice on how to continue getting better. I have seen some great improvement since I started with her and I am glad my Dr introduced me to her!
Sabrina M.
My experience was amazing! Sylvia was fast to respond and get me booked for my Lymphatic massage. She was very professional in knowing what I needed and what to expect. Along with being so nice. I would highly recommend her if your looking for someone that knows what there doing and can put you in complete relaxation.
Adriana V.
Absolutely have loved and would recommend lymphatic drainage massages with Sylvia. She’s informative, kind, super gentle, and accommodating. I have never felt so relaxed before after a massage.
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