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Sylvia Lopez CMT, CMLDT

Sylvia is a successful certified massage therapist and certified manual lymphatic drainage therapist.

In the course of the last 20 years Sylvia has established herself in the spa industry as a General Manager and later promoted to Salon and Spa Director.  A graduate from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and certified through the highly regarded Dr. Vodder. Sylvia has successful hands-on experience providing comfort and care massage for pre and post-operative patients in the comfort of their own home. Due to her technical expertise and ability to create a calm, nurturing environment, she has been privileged to receive referrals from many of top San Diego Plastic Surgeons.


Sylvia is here to answer any questions you have about Manual Lymph Drainage and how you can benefit from its powerful immediate and long-term effects.

Sylvia Lopez CMT, CMLDT
Certified Dr. Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage Method

Sylvia Lopez CMT, CMLDT